The die-splitter was developed following our customers’ needs to easily handle big moulds, also in the sheet metal sector.
The die-splitter is an innovative, versatile and efficient solution, in line with the increasing automation of the manufacturing process and with the higher and higher safety standards.

Advantages of the AM series:

  • Remarkable reduction of assembly and maintenance theme.
  • Ergonomic positions for performing work on the dies.
  • Extremely easy die handling.

Standard movements of the platens

For optimal access to the dies, the die splitter upper plate can be rotated forward by 180° on the short side and blocked by four hydraulic wedges. In this way, the operator can work at an optimal height, normally standing on the dedicated platform on the front side of the die splitter easily accessible through stairs.

Moreover, with rotation on the short side, the overall die splitter height is considerably reduced. This means an advantageous working position, and at the same time maximum working safety

Hydraulic cylinders drive the lower extensible plate outside the columns in an easily accessible position for the work outside the die splitter.

Virtual 360° 3D. Click and drag to rotate the view. Scroll to zoom.

Solutions for small and medium dies

Solutions for big dies


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Solutions for small and medium dies

Solutions for big dies

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